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updated the script again, changed the colours a bit, used some other symbols for displaying things and added the xmms playlist file support to my script. so now you can create your mixcd in xmms, save that file and then use that file to create your audiodisc. it's even the same option as burning a mp3dir to an audio disc... check out the changelog file
updated the script a bit, added mp3->audio support, cleaned up the code...check the changelog on the project page
i made this stupid bashscript to make my life a bit easier when i was burning some cdroms in linux. and i was prolly too stupid to always remember all the different options and arguments you can have with cdrecord, mkisofs and cdrdao. but hey, i was created to make MY life easier, if this doesnt help you or it hurts ... ---> HAHAHAHAHAHAHA it worked ;-)
no seriously, it's prolly full of bugs, so any changes are welcome!

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